Our services

Who we are

Eightfold is a young, dynamic IT Company specialising in custom web applications and software development. We also provide technical training for students, professionals and industry.

Our partners

We've teamed up with Evoke, a great digital agency in the UK. Working in both digital and print, Evoke share our passion for excellent design and rock solid websites for our clients.

Workshops and Industrial Training for students

Between us, we want to give back to the creative community by providing seminars and a place for up-and-coming talent to gain industry experience. Working closely with Universities and colleges in both UK and India, our aim is to educate students while working on industry projects.


Building for the future

Like any form of technology, the web moves fast. Keeping up to date with the latest web design tools and techniques is important for any company

HTML5 is fast, secure, responsive and makes your apps look stunning. With modern browsers, we're able to make apps as powerful as desktop applications and reach a much larger audience on the web. It's much better for your users, too; they can use any device, wherever they are, and their data is safely stored in the cloud.

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The icing on the cake

We want your site to look beautiful. CSS3 is like the icing on the cake, and the cherry on top too!

It's not all fancy gradients and pretty buttons, CSS3 is packed with powerful animations and features that present a rich experience for your visitors. We now have an amazing range of fonts to choose from so we can tightly integrate your branding across all your marketing material. We know your image is important to you, so we make your content shine.

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A sprinkling of jQuery goes a long way

Here's where the real magic happens, with a good helping of jQuery.

Your app or website should be a joy to use. jQuery gives us the tools to create fun, dynamic sites packed with animations and interactive ways to browse your content. You only have to look at apps like Facebook and Twitter to see how huge a difference this can make, both to the user experience and the most important thing: your profits.

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